The Wedding Way: Picks for a Distinct Wedding

The Wedding Way: Picks for a Distinct Wedding

We value tradition and classic elegance of wedding dresses, but we also understand the delight of experimentation. With the wedding season approaching and stay cool during the spring or summer, we've curated some off-beat white pieces with contrast embroideries that venture into the soothing shades of purple, to project a soft feminine palette, and tweaked to focus on variation and versatility. The figure-flattering outlining of the pieces exuberates sophisticated minimalism, to add an element of flamboyance to your white, ivory, nude or blush fabrics!

Whether it is to beat the heat or to try something avant-garde, our Embroidered Plunging Shirt Dress is here, for the win! A unique twist to your wedding day can be a sensational presentation with the dramatic sleeves and sharp collar detailing.


Whilst impeccably favoring the bright, festive style, it is perfect for a bride-to-be who loves to wear her attitude on her sleeve. The jaw-dropping grace of the bold burgundy and blush floral embroidery brings an edge to the old-school wedding wear and is a treat for a color-loving bride. Some neutral-toned heels to compliment the look and- voila!

Ever wanted to play someone hard-to-get, or just wanted to take a creative leap for your big day? Our embroidered shirt dress is perfect to answer your needs. You can never be wrong with a good ol' bow tie detail and exclusive handcuff features. Keep the accessories light, or go crazy, because this shirt dress invites thrill.

wedding dress for summer
Unique wedding dress

If you’re searching for a flattering bridesmaids’ apparel, look no further. Our Off-white organza skirt with a sleek back slit can be your next best bridesmaid attire! A work of extraordinary delicacy and finesse, featuring exquisite embroidery enriched with hues of purples & blush pinks & finished with stones and sequins. Pair the flattering silhouette of the skirt with ANJUM KHAN Knit top.


If dresses aren't your taste, couple a white flared pants with our modern bustier top, embellished with floral embroidery that churns out an attire like no other. Curate a bridesmaids' ensemble with your ladies for some fun and a trend like no other!

Look your best and embrace these modern wedding fits for your or your close one's wedding day for a memorable 'off-beat’ experience!

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